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Summer 2002 Reading

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The Book of Stratagems
At the Hands of Persons Unknown
Thinking Strategically
Parable of the Sower
Stupid White Men
The upshot of this book -- as if this is news -- is that the system is rigged by a power elite -- of stupid white men -- whose only intention is to ruthlessly consolidate their power and screw everyone else in the process. Have a look around, it seems to be working.
The Whole Picture
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
Ever feel like you're brain is turning to mush when you're watching TV? This 1977 book lays out some pretty convincing arguments that this is the ultimate purpose of television, as envisioned by the people who control it. Far from being a tool for democracy, information, or even entertainment, it is a potent tool for control of the masses. It is 'an eye in the sky' that, by necessity, excludes everything outside of its focal plane; and if didn't happen on TV, it didn't happen. After you read this book, you'll never watch TV the same again. You'll most certainly want to watch it much less, if at all.
Fusebox: Developing Coldfusion Applications
Nickel and Dimed
If you look at the classifieds in the newspapers these days, it would seem like there's plenty of entry level jobs out there, especially for all of the lazy bums who've been filling the welfare rolls. You'd think. Well, an award-winning journalist went 'undercover' to find out the truth behind the 'Help Wanted' signs in diners, hotels, cleaning services, and Wal-Marts. What she discovered was the disturbing truth that the poor work much harder than anyone, are short-changed and insulted by the system more often, and get even less than they deserve.
The Mis-Education of the Negro
The Matrix: The Shooting Script
United States Navy SEAL Workout
How to Stay Alive in the Woods

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